Marcin + Dominika. Catholic Wedding, Cinque Terre (Liguria).



"I didn't believe until the end, it's all possible! A wedding in the most beautiful place on the planet - in Cinque Terre!
 We not only got married in the Catholic Church in Italy, but also received a  civil marriage certificate, valid in our homeland, Poland. Thanks to Yulia and her assistants, we did not have to bother too much with the documents. Everything was much easier than we thought.
Everything went like clockwork), we just followed all the advice of our wedding planner.
The extraordinary beauty of the church on the beach, with a huge arched windows and a monumental stone columns. Very nice and charismatic was our priest who sang for us with a guitar and allowed to attend the ceremony to our  beloved dog). Our ceremony was the most touching of all that I have seen in my life!
And then a party dinner in the most romantic place - the restaurant on a cliff by the sea.
Only when we got home and got our marriage certificate by mail, we realized that all this was not a dream ....))
I'd like to go back to Cinque Terre! We will work hardly to make it happen as soon as possible.
We are very grateful to Yulia for her great help and support! "

Dominica and Marcin