Nikita + Ksenia, Symbolic Wedding, Villa Michelangelo, Florence.


Wedding Planning:  Zabela Weddings

Flower Design: Zabela Weddings

Location: villa Michelangelo, Florence


We liked our wedding planner at once while visiting Florence in February. We arrived there on purpose, wishing to meet Yulia in person and discuss the most important details of our wedding.

Yuliya has been our guardian angel during the wedding planning period. She was so fast and smart in negotiating with suppliers that we were amazed! We’ve always been up to speed with all the details and we even knew how much wine every guest will have during the banquet. We’ve relaxed and trusted Julia’s taste and experience. And we haven’t mistaken!

At the Big day Yuliya brought my wedding bouquet to the hotel – it was a masterpiece! We walked around the city with a photographer receiving congratulations and applause from the people in the streets, we were so happy! Then the ceremony at the villa started…

All the guests and the groom were waiting for the bride. The most exciting moment was when I (the bride) was walking down the aisle with my father. The ceremony venue was decorated with such a style and taste that I was feeling myself a real princess! Our guests kept taking the photos of the villa and the decorations.

After the ceremony we drank a champagne and then the wedding dinner started. The tables were beautifully decorated: bonbonnieres for our guests – it was a special surprise from the wedding planner, ribbons and flowers, flowers, flowers…not talking about the tastiest wine and dishes!

During our first dance one waitress went away, we found out later that she has been crying being deeply moved by the music and atmosphere. Everyone from the staff – waiters, planners, state representatives – were highly professional and we felt their kindness and support.

All our guests still remember that beautiful wedding in Florence. So do us with my husband.

It was unforgettable! Thank you once more, Yuliya, How nice it would be to repeat the wedding J

Ksenia and Nikita