Alexander + Anastasia. Civil Wedding, Santa Lucia Chapel, Liguria.


Wedding Planning:  Zabela Weddings

Flower Design: Zabela Weddings

Location: Santa Lucia Chapel, La Spezia, Liguria


Even two months after the wedding the memories about our Big day in Italy take us back to that unforgettable day. It’s hard to find the right words to thank Yuliya for the organization of the most important party for us – our Italian wedding.

Lots of negotiating with different wedding agencies offering their services, hesitating, being insecure – all that remained in the past after having met Yuliya. She has helped us to feel secure and made our dream come true by giving smart recommendations ad offering all kinds of support.

The reality was better than we could have ever expected! We remained amazed by the party and the ceremony organization. Bright Italian colours, an old church, touching and romantic ceremony, wise words of the Italian State representative about the marriage – everything has left nice memories and has been a very special start of our family life.

We would like to mention the wedding decorations with beautiful roses “Ocean song”, so that the ceremony venue looked like a  blooming garden. When we were choosing the flowers arrangement we didn’t realize how fabulous it would look , together with live music and a real tenor! That beautiful voice was hypnotizing and overwhelming. How amazing Italian arias under the Italian sky are!

A perfect organization also included a very professional work of the transport agency, and an amazing job of a French make-up master Amelie. Considering a hot weather, a long photosession, ceremony, the hair and the make-up looked very well even in the evening.

It’s not a secret that time and everyday routine erase emotions and memories, so it’s  the photography art  that helps us to come back to a beautiful wedding day. It’s very important to find the understanding with a photographer, and to see it on the photos. We would like to thank Tatiana for beautiful photographs, personal charisma and all the support during the Big day, and we would like to thank Yuliya for recommending us the photographer!

We would like to admit that without Yuliya’s support and suggestions such a wonderful wedding would had cost us a fortune, especially if we would have organized it without a wedding planner.

Looking at our wedding photos, recalling our wedding day in the memory, it seems that we are coming back to that special atmosphere of the sun, sea and a beautiful celebration in Liguria, which was created by a talented and graceful Yuliya.

All our family would like to thank Yuliya for making our dream come true and organizing such a beautiful Italian celebration.

Everything was so amazing, just like in a fairy-tale!


Alexander and Anastasia