Emil + Amalia. Symbolic Wedding, Santa Lucia Chapel, Liguria.


Wedding Planning:  Zabela Weddings

Flower Design: Zabela Weddings

Location: Santa Lucia Chapel, Liguria


Romantic wedding ceremony somewhere on the rock near the sea was the Emil’s dream. I wanted something unusual as well, something classy and beautiful.

We have found such place! In Italy! Santa Lucia Chapel was perfect. This small 12th century church is situated on the rock near the sea. Unfortunately we were not able to arrive in Italy beforehead to see it, so I managed to calm down only at the wedding day when I saw with my eyes how beautiful this place was!

Before the wedding we decided to spend some time, have a rest and suntan in the South, close to Rome. I even bought my wedding dress in Rome. We arrived in Liguria the day before the wedding and were amazed by the beauty of this still unknown region.

We liked very much the hotel recommended by the organization team. It is situated on the high hill with a stunning view on the Gulf of Poets, Palmaria island, mountains, green hills and small Ligurian towns.

Our wedding ceremony must have started at 6 p.m., so we spent the first part of the day taking photos and driving a nice Vespa.

All of our guests together with Emil gathered near the chapel, everyone was waiting for the bride. I was arriving from the opposite part of the square and was expecting to see with my own eyes all that beauty…but it was quite difficult. I was so nervous that could hardly see anything! I was walking down the aisle to the sounds of harp.

A touching ceremony, a lot of flowers, decorations – it was amazing! Only when the ceremony was over I managed to come to my senses and observe all that beauty. The sun was setting down, we remained on the rock to celebrate our wedding. The buffet dinner was organized for us. Delicious champagne, refined Italian dishes seemed even tastier in that unbelievable place, with a view of the sea and the sunset.

The following day one of the Italian newspapers wrote about our wedding! It was another nice surprise.  We will keep it for the children.

Yuliya, it was all so beautiful, touching, bright, amazing – unforgettable! A perfect organization!

Thank you!

Amalia and Emil