Gleb + Irina. Symbolic Wedding, Villa S.Cristina, Lazio.


Wedding Planning:  Zabela Weddings

Flower Design: Zabela Weddings

Location: vila Santa Cristina, Lazio


Dear Yuliya ,

I would like to tell you that all of our friends and relatives were absolutely amazed by our wedding ! Everyone told us that our wedding was like some film! Those Colourful Italian landscapes , the incomparable taste of Italian food , lovely floral arrangements , fantastic musicians - it was all organized for us . I cannot imagine such a luxurious wedding at home - in Russia !

We were so happy with Gleb ! You took care of everything , even of the weather - so we could just  relax and enjoy ourselves. It is usually said that during the wedding the newlyweds do not have time to chat with guests or to spend some time on their own , but this was not the case , and only thanks to you ! With your help we celebrated our wedding just like I always dreamed of , and our guests were able to fully appreciate all the benefits of an Italian wedding.

I’m sending lots of love to Massimo and Claudia. Their work deserves the praise.

My mom still cannot believe that her daughter got married in Italy , she is very proud of me !

Yuliya , thank you for such a warm attitude to us , as if we were the part of your family ! We wish you success and lots of prosperity !

Irina and Gleb