Civil / Symbolic Wedding at villa Pirelli (Tuscany)

The XVI century Villa was born as holiday residence of rich Pisa's merchants and both the Villa and the garden have remained the same since 1786, when they were described in a review of properties.

The garden is a tipycal example of “italian garden” with geometrical and simmetrical shape, adorned, at the beginning, only of trees and green lants but grown rich of fruit plants and flowers.

With its splendid backdrop of the Pisa hills, its olive groves and vineyards, the Mara Estate is situated in an oasis of peace and tranquillita. Estending beyond the 17th century villa of the same name, the estate is inique because of its incredibile position and, especially, because of the high quality of the products that are made here, such as wine and extra-virgin olive oil, which make it a destination for connoisseurs from all over the world. For over 20 years the estate has catered for agritourism and some of its farmhouses, with swimming pool, have been renovated in such a way to preserve the atmosphere of times gone by .

It is possibile to organize wedding parties indoor and outdoor, with a maximum capacity of 120 people.